GTU Centre for Indian Knowledge System



MoU signed with Hindu Council of Australia and Bhishma School of Indic Studies, Pune by Dharohar – CIKS – GTU.

GTU Dharohar center has been desperately working for the spread of Indian Knowledge System not only in India but outside India also. All the courses run by GTU – Dharohar Center will be available to the audience of Australia and HCA which is a renowned organization that has developed a “Graduate Diploma course in Hindu Culture and Studies.” This course will enlighten students about Hindu cultural heritage and philosophy. This will also enable them with skills to promote Sanatan Dharma and true interpretations of Hindu Scriptures. Students will be trained to address false propaganda against Hindu Ethos. The course will enhance the writing skills and interpersonal communication. A tri-party MoU was signed by BSIS, Prof. Kshitij Patukle, Mr. Prakash Mehta from HCA, and Dr. K. N. Kher from GTU on 19th April 2022. GTU is expanding its wings to spread the heritage and knowledge of Indian throughout the world.