Centre for Indian Knowledge System - GTU

To initiate the courses / programs related to Indian culture, Indian philosophy, Indian thoughts, Indian ideology, Ancient Indian Knowledge, Modern Indian Cultural Philosophy etc., university has established ‘DHAROHAR - GTU CENTRE FOR INDIAN KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM (GCIKS)’.


  1. To spread awareness about Indian Knowledge among young generation.
  2. To inculcate values and skills among students for Indian knowledge reservoir.
  3. To initiate the courses / programs in line with the more holistic approach as per NEP 2020.
  4. To help in preserving traditional art, culture, knowledge and skills of Indian origin.
  5. To generate interest towards Indian Ethos for enhancing the acceptance of Indian Knowledge System at global level.
  6. To provide solutions / alternative to the world on the basis of Indian /knowledge System.

Gujarat Technological University has made sincere efforts to implement the National Education Policy in its true sense and spirit. It started the Dharohar- Center for IKS in August 2021 and in August 2022, GTU started 2 Year Post Graduation Programme, Master of Arts in Hindu Studies under which 16 students have registered and classes are conducted regularly. The School Of Indian Knowledge System has been given approval by Board of Governors in October 2022. So this is a landmark achievement of GTU in the direction of Multidisciplinary approach and has given importance to IKS in the technical University which in itself is a drastic step for the implementation of NEP-2020. It is one of the significant achievements of GTU.