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A Success Story of Short Term Courses.

Dharohar –CIKS, GTU has completed the first batch of Certificate Courses successfully. The MOU with Bhishma School of Indic Studies had been signed in June 2021. In a very short span GTU and Bhishma declared 12 courses of Indian Knowledge system and the first batch is out with flying colours. The courses were on Study of Indian Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Kautilya and Political Science Arthashastra, Ancient Indian Science and Technology, Ancient Indian Architecture, Ancient Indian Arts, Ancient Indian Classical Literature, Indian Kings and Empire, Ancient Indian Culture and Tradition, Bharatnatyam, etc. These courses highlight Indian history, culture and traditions, arts, science and heritage which seems quite distant to the young students.

Surprisingly 900 Indians from all corners of the world (countries like Saudi Arabia, Australia, Tanzania, Kuwait, etc.) had registered for various courses. Many professionals, house wives and even senior citizens joined, studied and enlightened themselves about ancient India and its glorious achievements in the fields of knowledge. They must have feel proud of their nation which was advanced, prosperous and scientific thousands of years ago.

46% participants got more than 80 percentage marks in their relevant courses. 96% of the candidates who appeared at the online examination got though it and to got the certificate. Dharohar has started its second batch of six courses - Bharatnatyam, Study of Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Kautilya’s Political Science and Economics, Ancient Indian Architecture and Ancient Indian Science and Technology are started in March 2022 in which 400+ students have registered and are attaining knowledge through these online courses. The course fees is Rs.6000/- per course and anyone interested in can join the courses. As per the New National Education Policy, there is emphasis on the study of Indian Knowledge System courses and hence there are many chances of getting employment on the basis of these courses. GTU Dharohar center is also starting Diploma and PG Diploma courses in association with Bharat Shodh Sansthan and Research For Resurgence Foundation, Nagpur from June 2022. GTU is also planning to sign an MOU with Hindu Council of Australia and commence PG Diploma Courses in India as well as Australia.

These courses will be available to those who have completed their Graduation and are interested in the subject. All individuals involved in any profession as well as students can also join these courses. From time to time the complete information of each course will be made available on the GTU website. Having these courses online will also make it easier to reach a wider class.

Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, Registrar of GTU and Dr. Rajesh Biniwale, Convenor of Research For Resurgence Foundation, Nagpur have sent their best wishes for the success of the courses.